If you or someone you know would like to become a 2012 O Night Divine Angel or Sponsor, please call 201-360-0430 or send an email to onightdivinemusical@gmail.com

The 2010 Off Broadway Production of O Night Divine would not have been possible without the
contributions of our fine Sponsors, and our "Angels"...

Thank You!

O NIGHT DIVINE 2010 Angels

Dick and Marilyn Fauerbach
James Coyle, Jr.
Aaron Lombardi
Jill Davis
Mrs. James J. Kelly
Lee Penna
Helen Kirschner
Mary Ann Coyle
Thomas & Jessica Tar
Frances Lupi
Elizabeth Dinmore
James Coyle Sr. & Barbara Mischler
Louie, Donna, Liza & Lacy Lupi
Debbie De Katch Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Conrad Salita
Father Ed Hamilton
Carmen Jackson
Kienen and Aidan Dyer
In loving memory or Marty Carter
In loving memory of PopPop Sam Lupi


O NIGHT DIVINE 2010 Sponsors


Click Here to view the 2010 Opening Night O Night Divine playbill.