Photos from the 2010 Off-Broadway World Premiere of courtesy of William M Brown Photography.

The Narrator (Melanie Sullivan) shares the special meaning of the Christmas Star.


Mary (Brittney Bertier) is moved by her part in God's plan.


Joseph (Spencer Bazzano) does not react well to Mary's miraculous news.

Mary (Brittney Bertier) seeks advice from her cousin Elizabeth (Blaze Kelly Coyle) and friends.


The Wisemen (Joshua M. Feder, Jimmy Moore, James Holden) bring the gift of song and dance.

The Narrator (Melanie Sullivan) ponders what everyone should do with King Herod.


Where does the fun begin? Right here at Mathias' Inn!

Love certainly has driven King Herod (Matthew Dyer) insane with murder!


Joseph (Spencer Bazzano) and Mary (Brittney Bertier) discuss their future.

The owners of Mathias' Inn (Andrea Mower, Tim Mower) truly run a unique inn.


King Herod (Matthew Dyer) shows some "love" to his Queen Sapphira (Blaze Kelly Coyle).

Joseph (Spencer Bazzano) and Mary (Brittney Bertier) greet the newest
little addition to the story of "O Night Divine".

The lobby of the ASCAP Foundation/Disney Musical Theatre Workshop in New York City, March 2008.


ASCAP Workshop members Leo Kirschner and Blaze Kelly Coyle "stand next to" the workshop's artistic director Stephen Schwartz.

The Little Mermaid Broadway Lyricist and Workshop Panelist Glenn Slater poses for a picture after a casual chat.


Glenn Slater offers up words of encouragement on The Little Mermaid Cast Recording.

Look Ma, I'm on Broadway! Outside the ASCAP building on
64th and Broadway to be exact.

Shannon Lambert-Ryan creates a tender performance of Mary for the 2007 stage reading of O Night Divine.


Amanda K. Spears brings to the proceedings just the right balance of class and sass as The Narrator of O Night Divine.

Are they Wisemen or Wiseguys?! Tim Shelton, David R. King and Brian Weeks try to get their act together during the number "What Gift?"


Joseph (Matt Barecwicz) tries hard to understand his place as Mary (Shannon Lambert-Ryan) reveals to him God's miraculous plan.

The NYC Reading cast of O Night Divine. (from left) Leo Kirschner, David R. King, Tim Shelton, Blaze Kelly Coyle, Brian Weeks, Kara Ayn Napolitano,Amanda K. Spears, Richard O'Brien, Alan Semok, Deborah Leonhardt, Lorene Phillips, Shannon Lambert-Ryan and Matt Barcewicz